Bella, not just a tree

In the park of the Villa, which consists of many different species of trees and a lot of centuries old trees, rises up Bella di Ceciliano, a magnificent durmast oak tree born about 400 years ago.

The trunk of this tree measures more than 5 meters in circumference, the foliage goes up to 25 meters in height and it’s so wide to cover an area of about 500 m². Bella di Ceciliano is the name the State Forestry Corps have given to “her” and this giant tree deserved to be published in the Arezzo annals of historical trees. It often happens, specially in spring and summer, that couples of newlyweds come to take their picture next to the magnificent Bella.

“We thought it was a nice idea to give our bed & breakfast the same name chosen by the S. F. Corps, paying tribute to this massive green creature which, undoubtedly, witnessed the birth of the Villa and its following development for the past 400 years” tell Giacomo and Betty, the owners of the estate.”

The wide garden around the building develops on different ground levels. You can comfortably rest in the olive grove, from which we produce our organic olive oil, among the cedars or stroll down to the vegetable garden or along the south driveway, an amazing avenue of cypresses, olive trees and grass. Throughout the park there are spots where you can sit and have a break in this beautiful countryside just five minutes away from the center of the town.